Laang 冷 releases Single & Lyric Video: 我 的 漂浮 屍體

The new single of rising Taiwanese melodic black metal innovators Laang 冷.

Laang 冷 (meaning “cold” in Chinese) releases the debut single “我的漂浮屍體” (meaning “My Floating Corpse”) from their upcoming second album “Xinteng” (Sadness, loss) in the form of a lyric video. The music of Laang is based on the horrifying visions seen during a near-death experience of frontman Yang Haitao while medically dead.  While the subject matter of the first album “Haiyang” (Ocean) primarily explored feelings of terror, Haitao reports that “Xinteng” will be strongly focused on the melancholic and depressive overtones of life after death.

“我的漂浮屍體” gives a first glimpse at the new music of Laang’s second album “Xinteng”. “Xinteng” will be released worldwide on Austria’s Talheim Records in both physical and digital formats.

The lyric video and single can be accessed at this link here:

Laang 冷 – 我的漂浮屍體

Post-black metal

Keelung City, Taiwan




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